Friday, May 23, 2014

The Tavern at Great Falls Party

We prefer a table to a booth so we can sit next to each other, but to also share the food! A booth is nicer in a crowded place to help insulate against the noise. We like driving to Great Falls when the weather is nice because the path from here to there is very crooked and it takes a while to reach our destination. We ended up in the back dining area of The Tavern Restaurant rather than a booth up front. When I saw the blue balloons tied to several chairs I thought we might be in trouble. As it turned out there was some sort of party with a about 10-12 pre schoolers or kindergarten age kids and their mothers. Everyone clapped when it looked like the teacher walked in. We couldn't help but hear the conversation. As with most occasions, each kid got an accolade...Carter, Fletcher, and GiGi would all one day become a civil engineer, the next Martha Stewart, and the next Olympian. One picky eater was the winner of the next dietician award. This is a lesson in turning every annoying habit in to a positive. By the time it came to eating, all the kids were asked to give thanks for ONE thing. There was the usual thank you for Mom and Dad, the great teacher, etc. But I like the kid who said he was thankful for the balloons. They were sitting there right in front of him, it didn't take a lot of imagination, and he probably really liked them. On the other hand they had to ask another kid a few times what he was thankful for....then decided to forget it when he just couldn't think of anything and eat instead. 

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