Monday, May 12, 2014

Washington Monument Reopening With Al Roker

I started working part time about a month ago and would highly recommend it to anyone who can. After forty years of full time work it is a delightful change. I also am not an early riser, but my husband is. Everyday he walks on the Mall for exercise. On the days I work he drops me off and continues on. But this morning I decided I would give it a try, woke up around 8:15, and we headed out. Since it was supposed to be very hot today, an early walk was in order anyway. I wore a large brim hat and sunglasses. I remember hearing about the Washington Monument Reopening today so we headed in that direction. It was a great morning for the event. The camera crews were all set up, the VIP tent was up, the Continental fife and drum corps was on hand, along with the Navy Band and the honor guard. George and Martha were seated in the front row, and the Park Rangers were proud as heck for repairing the earthquake damage and hosting the event with the DC dignitaries. People started drifting in and the seats got filled quickly. Before the ceremony started I walked behind the stage where Al Roker was being interviewed and preparing for the show. Once it started, we headed home. So you could say it was worth getting up for. You never know what you will run into here. Maybe one of these days we'll actually take the tour and view the city from the Washington Monument. It's just something we should do even if we live here. 

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