Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Don Beyer Loyal Subaru Customer Reward

We have never owned a car for ten years. Since we moved to DC we have no desire to park a brand new car on the street to get banged up and scratched. But keeping a car for a longer time means repairs every once in a while. The air conditioning on our 2004 Subaru Forester was beginning to fail last summer and all but did this summer. It would turn on but quit after driving short distances. This was unreliable for us and intolerable if we had passengers. So we decided to bite the bullet and have the AC system overhauled with a new compressor to the tune of $1200. We pondered the option of a new car but decided against it. However, because it had to be serviced in Alexandria on Richmond Avenue, we insisted on a loaner. We got a 2014 Outback and couldn't find the parking brake until we realized it was electric. Someone left a pair of glasses between the seats. The ride felt rough and uncomfortable; the view forward seemed smaller. We also had to refill the gas tank for another $12.00 before returning to pick up our car. Because we are such "loyal customers" - I shudder to think how much we've sunk there over the years - the $70 loaner fee was waived. We were very happy to get back in to our old silver faithful vehicle and were thrilled to feel the cool air conditioner blowing on us in the 90 degree heat of the afternoon. And when we returned to the neighborhood to park, we weren't worried if the car got hit or even if a tree fell on it. 

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