Sunday, July 27, 2014

Passing By the Billy Joel Concert at Nationals Stadium

It was just announced that Billy Joel would be receiving the Gershwin Award. Working at the Library, these announcements are routine. I personally never get to attend any of these events, but some of my coworkers have - Paul McCartney to name one. And in the Jefferson Building are posters displayed with all the past winners by the Coolidge Auditorium. Last evening Billy Joel had a concert at Nationals Stadium. It started at eight, so we decided to take a walk in that direction. That end of town has been transformed completely since we moved here, and there is a lot more construction going on. Several new apartments, condos, restaurants, and shops are in the works all near the stadium to South Capitol Street. We passed by several demolitions on our way over. When we reached the stadium, we heard it was a sell out concert. Many folks were bustling in while the opening act performed. We wanted to hang around and wait to hear the first couple songs. Of course, none of what we heard was familiar to my ears, and I know quite a few of his hits. I haven't been to a concert in ages, but this was the next best thing to actually being there, even though we couldn't see the stage, the performance, or even recognize the music as it bounced off the metallic stadium. So we retreated to our house only a few blocks away to the quieter, suburban Capitol Hill neighborhood. It's nice living close enough to all that action, but I wouldn't want to actually live in it. 

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