Thursday, July 24, 2014

Peaches, Nectarines, or Apples?

I am very lucky. I don't need to drive to work. I walk two blocks from our tiny condo to the Madison Building. In Wisconsin I had to drive to and from work, plus to a variety of health care sites during the day related to my job. The winter months were dreadful. So I go home for lunch every day and return with some fruit in the afternoon. You could call it dessert. What's so nice about it is that it is prepared by my husband - all cut up and ready to eat by the slice. It feels like   being a little kid again in school. In my clinical nursing career I went many days without eating, or taking a break - running all over the place taking care of real people. I'm not sure it got much better working in the corporate office. I think I much prefer the schedule today - in more ways than one!

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