Wednesday, July 30, 2014

PetSmart Fish Plants Without the Fish

It's been a couple months since we lost our little Betta fish Moby Dick. I didn't think we would ever go back to a pet store for the time being anyway. We are in that phase of trying to decide if a pet is a good idea. We do however have a plant holder that can be used for a variety of things. At Christmastime I use it to decorate by filling the containers with live greens and adding a string of holiday lights. Lately it's been looking a little bare, so my husband was commenting about getting something to might it look more respectable. Most of the outside water plants are rather large and somewhat unsightly. We always had live water plants for Moby, so we decided to see what PetSmart could offer. We agreed on the usual variegated plant and then found a plastic plant that could pass for something authentic if mixed with something real - a great trick that can be used any time. When we got home my husband carefully filled the glass containers with rocks and plants. If one them should break we hope that Gingko's in the neighborhood has replacements. We really don't have a lot of greens in the house, but this is just enough. Unfortunately my flower garden was quite the bust this year. Otherwise, fresh flowers are simply the best. Maybe next time we should consider air plants. 

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