Sunday, July 6, 2014

Reza's in Chicago

We haven't been there in eight years. We used to go to Reza's Persian Restaurant about every two or three months when we lived in Milwaukee over a thirty year period. We are visiting our old homestead in the Midwest for the weekend. It's been so nice seeing neighbors, friends, and colleagues. But tonight our dear friends planned an outing for dinner in Chicago at Reza's. The ride from Milwaukee to Chicago was so familiar as we have taken it so many times before. Every Christmas time we stayed in Chicago for my birthday and ended up at Reza's. We took out of town family members there when they came to visit us. It was a very familiar place. Once inside, the restaurant was the same, and it was packed. There was so much food left over we decided to cancel lunch reservations for tomorrow and try to finish up the kabobs and other tasty items instead. It's not so much the place but the people and times in our life that we spent there. It was such a treat to go once again. This time we were the guests. 

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