Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Six Degrees of Separation

Over the weekend in Milwaukee for the Fourth of July holiday, I talked to a friend I haven't seen for several years. She mentioned someone she knows who just started working at the Library. I got all the details and sent this person a note. She responded today and a connection was established. This isn't the first time. An international discussion resulted in a common ingredient which was even more interesting. That one included parties from Iran, Denmark, Sweden, California, and the Library. Aside from these two incidents, someone I know at the Library who hails from China is oddly connected to the President of China - so because I know him, I am connected too. A Senator lives down the street from us on Capitol Hill and his daughter is best friends with one if my high school classmates. I suppose if you talk long enough and fish for the clues there may be something to this whole Kevin Bacon theory. If nothing else it's fun exploring. (The first photo is from Wikipedia and the second is from the CNN website.)

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