Friday, July 25, 2014

Southern on Washington Street in Alexandria

We have been there many times since we moved to DC. But for some reason, nothing went right today at Southern Restaurant on Washington Street in Alexandria. Maybe it's because we really didn't want to be there. We weren't sure if our grandson would be stopping by with his mother and father one last time. They would be closing on their house sometime today. The operative word is sometime - they were driving in from Virginia and we didn't know what time the close was scheduled. Today would be the absolute last day they could be considered a part of our Capitol Hill neighborhood...they bought their house eleven years ago and sold it last month on the first day it was on the market. Any way, I digress.... We asked for a table instead of a booth because we like to sit kitty corner rather than across - it's easier to share food that way. We ended up at a table that we sat across from each other which is what I wanted to avoid.  To make matters worse, I was sitting directly under a vent with cold air blowing on me. My salad looked stale and limp and was drenched in dressing; the chicken was cut in cubes rather than slices; my husband's fried chicken was mostly dark meat - one piece was white meat and was difficult to stuff in to a tiny styrofoam container; there was more gravy than mashed potatoes; the music was loud and awful. It was everything bad, except for the waiter. We will probably go back, because it's usually quite good. I think we just weren't in it today. When we see the new owners of the house we've known for 11 years, we'll need to give them our key to their front door. We've hung on to it to feed the fish in the pond out front and empty the garbage after the moving van left. This chapter is now closed - time to start a new book. 

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