Monday, July 14, 2014

The Lowly Pigeon

They are all over the place. So much so that most people hardly pay any attention to them. Usually they travel in bunches, but once in a while, a single pigeon can be found on the sidewalk most often searching for food.  If you take the time to look at them individually, each one has it's own unique markings and color. Once in awhile they hang out with the squirrels. Every Monday morning since March when I started working part time, I join my husband on his daily morning walks on the Mall. I try to come up with a theme or topic for the daily blog and this one hit me in the face today. I've always liked birds and animals, and had a few parakeets for pets growing up. I find them all very entertaining, and like to observe their human characteristics. What makes these birds unique is the backgrounds they are pictured in. On the way back towards home at the Capitol reflecting pond was a mother duck and her offspring, quacking at them to get closer when a dog approached. We stopped and sat on a bench to cool down at the Library of Congress and another little black bird was feeding a screaming chick breakfast. It reminded us that we needed to resume our walk to Pete's Diner for our breakfast - another Monday morning routine. All I noticed was that the pigeons disappeared once we left the Mall and the green space. Even they know to stay away from the busy streets on a Monday morning. 

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