Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Wizard of Oz Tornado in DC

Our little patio is well protected from the elements. It is not only fenced off on the courtyard, but also walled off from the street. It is also surrounded on two sides by the five story building. It has been feeling a lot like Florida lately. Every evening around five PM, the summer rain storms have consistently been hitting the area. After the very powerful rain storm from last evening I went over to the patio door to see how things fared. It looked strangely empty. I then realized that something was missing - the patio umbrella. Whenever there is the threat of rain, my husband usually leaves the umbrella up and places all the furniture cushions in a vertical position under it rather than store them in the shed. Because the umbrella vanished I went to get my husband to let him know and help me find it. Just last week a colleague from work told me his neighbor's umbrella flew in to his yard. So we went out to the courtyard and there it was... Flipped over just on the other side of the fence. We weren't sure if it landed that way or if someone just placed it there after it flew off in to the courtyard. Luckily nothing was broken. Getting it back to the stand took some doing - I had to spray the screw that holds it with silicon spray to loosen the rust away. When I saw the wind gusts yesterday it looked like Kansas, but I didn't think it would ever affect us! Maybe next time the witch will pass by. 

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