Saturday, July 26, 2014

Total Wine Store Aerator Cleaning Brush Has Other Uses?

Every couple of months the wine supply dwindles. That means a trip to The Total Wine store in McLean. Because we are usually in the neighborhood, it's only a couple blocks from our favorite Saturday morning brunch place McLean Family Restaurant. We usually get a dozen assortment of red wines. Six bottles are always the same, and the other six are various labels...but all are priced around $10.00 per bottle. We like just a bit of wine every evening - it hardly fills an eighth of the glass. We even have recyclable wine bags to carry the dozen bottles in with room enough to stuff in a cheese or two.Everything at the wine store is much cheaper than the grocery store and worth the trip. We also have a few insulated water glasses that require tricky cleaning where the junk collects in the filter/aerator parts. Lemonade clogs the vent holes more than water, but the glasses really need to be scrubbed out. Today we found a brush that might do the trick. It's for wine stuff, but it can also be used on similar type pieces. So we thought we would give it a try. A simple pipe cleaner would also work. On the way home, we thought of another use for the brush. It could be promoted as a nose cleaner... I didn't come up with that - my husband did - in jest. But maybe he is on to something big!

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