Wednesday, August 27, 2014

American Ballet Theatre Exhibit at The Library of Congress

I'm not sure how it is today, but when I was young it was pretty routine to take ballet lessons. I actually preferred tap dancing because I simply didn't have the right kind of arches in my feet, but I was certainly tall and skinny enough to play the part. I was also introduced to lambs wool and stuffing toes in to the special pink slippers and tying the ribbons just so. Perhaps the names of the dance moves influenced my decision to take French in high school and college. When we lived in Milwaukee we saw the Bolshoi Ballet on a road trip to Chicago. On my most recent afternoon walk in the Madison Building of the Library of Congress, a new exhibit was set up in the performing arts reading room. It's called "American Ballet Theatre: Touring the Globe for 75 Years." It explores the history of the dance company using some of the more than 50,000 items in the collection. The exhibit is open until January 24, 2015. Probably one of the biggest perks of working in the  Library is coming across exhibits and interesting programs throughout the year. And all I have to do is walk around the halls to find and see them. 

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