Sunday, August 24, 2014

An Afternoon With The Madison's and Roger Mudd at McLean Community Center

We learned about the event a couple weeks ago when we went for breakfast at our favorite place at McLean Family Restaurant right off Dolley Madison Boulevard. The announcement was posted in the window and looked like an interesting idea. So we asked our friend to join us and we rode out to McLean Community Center to visit with Dolley and James Madison. The McLean Community Center was packed with people waiting to get a free ticket and enter the auditorium. We ended up in the balcony and had a good view. Roger Mudd gave the introduction. He was very charming and his voice sounded so familiar. From then on I can only say that I was glad that we went but was so happy when it ended. It was really warm, I couldn't hear a thing, and was just hoping it would end. I do have to say that the fizzy lemonade at the reception was quite good. All in all, I'm glad we did go having just been to Montpelier a few months ago. We saw where the real James and Dolley lived. It is hard to believe that this city was burned, and the Capitol building is only two blocks from where we live. Sometimes using your imagination is more interesting than going to these types of things. I need to keep that in mind the next time we see a flyer for an event. 

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