Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happily Back to a Routine

I really like routine. And I like it even more since we just returned home from an unexpected road trip that took us to Florida. Both of my parents landed in the hospital at the same time. Luckily everything is as best as could be expected under the circumstances. My head is still a little fuzzy, but after a good night's rest everything is starting to feel a little more normal again. We went to our favorite Saturday brunch place, and my husband is tending to his air plants and greens. Getting the wash done is a top priority. And of course grocery shopping is high on the list. Later today the garden will get a trim, and some of the tomatoes will get plucked to outsmart some of the rascals who have found easy pickings. We'll probably take a walk after dinner when it gets a little cooler. I got an order to do a custom pet portrait, so that will keep me occupied for a of couple days. I'm so glad I have the weekend to get back in to the routine before heading back to work. In some ways, the unexpected makes you feel a lot more appreciative of what you have. My mom was saying that things were pretty boring as of late. Well, that certainly changed. All the familiar surroundings and routines never felt or looked better. 

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