Sunday, August 3, 2014

House and Garden Ornaments on Capitol Hill

The window dressing was more than interesting. On a lazy summer evening walk in the neighborhood we came upon an unusual sight - mannequins tucked tightly inside a window. That gave me the idea to scrutinize what else could be found on the homes and in the gardens around us. We always put in the mediocre birdbath and some garden statuary. In Milwaukee, my husband loved his cowboy taking a bath in the gurgling birdbath on the patio and to this day is sad we left it behind. But here, statements are made with an interesting collection of front yard displays. The colorful lizards climb a brick wall; an Asian theme and home decorate a sloped garden; a huge bird totem pole of sorts takes up a lot of space filled with more stuff. Animals are well represented - the whimsical colorful cats sitting on a windowsill; the rabbit with the shovel looking for carrots? How about that cat sitting atop a man made platform way above us looking down from the second floor? Then there is a pig sitting in the window well. The vacancy sign is down on the delightful birdhouse that looks exactly like the owner's manor house. A gargoyle sits on the windowsill sending off emails on his laptop. Of course there are gnomes supporting the Washington Nationals. "On this site in 1897 - nothing happened" sign captured our attention on a bench sitting in front of another residence. Lastly, some sort of huge white dog sitting on a chair in a picture window caught two little kids attention. There are pink flamingos somewhere around here too. If you look hard enough you can alway find something interesting to see...but most of the time it's right in your face - you just need to take the time to notice. These folks put a lot of effort in it for you to do just that. 

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