Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Love My IPad - Just Not on my Foot

Just as "Wonderful Country" started, Robert Mitchum was thrown from his horse when a tumbleweed startled him. The horse landed on his leg and broke it. At the same time I stood up from the couch and my iPad slipped out if it's cover and landed edge up right on my foot - all one and a half pounds - just above the big toe joint. It was just last year on Labor Day Weekend that I caught my left foot on something and tore a toe ligament. It took months to feel normal again. Just yesterday I was thinking I hadn't broken a toe lately. It was getting to be an annual and irritating event. Maybe I've been lucky because I have purposefully kept my closed toe shoes on wherever I walk in the house. Luckily, after packing the injury with ice for awhile I knew the joint wasn't affected, so I felt a little better. Today it feels like a bruise and hurts when it gets touched and is black and blue. Then I think of my poor mother who just tripped and fell and needed hip surgery two weeks ago. I should just shut up. 

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