Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mozaik Silverware and Dishes

Our back up supply of utensils, dishes, and cookware all took a trip to Virginia last month when our family members moved three plus hours away. When we first moved here we decided to have the same dish ware so in the event either party needed an extra this or that, it could be easily borrowed. We did most of the borrowing at holiday time. Not that we require serving sets for more than four that often, we needed to come up with an alternative. At the airport last month we had lunch at one of the sit in places and were enthralled with the plastic forks and plates that looked pretty authentic. At Safeway we happened upon the Mozaik brand of fine cutlery and other  products. So we scooped a few items up just in case we exceed our four party limit. To think that in Milwaukee we once had fine china that was rarely used, another everyday dinnerware set that was used more regularly, and some mismatched stuff we used every day is hard to believe. But for lack of space here we had no choice. This new option is not quite the same, but it will just have to do. 

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