Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Myrtles Gone Wild

The patio garden was professionally planted when we first moved to DC. It began as nothing more than dirt and was in need of a complete design. Since Myrtles are a big scene stealer here, two small trees were a part of the master plan. One was straight stemmed and placed on the east side; the other had several branches and was more wide than tall. The more wide than tall Myrtles was beginning to look more like an eye sore than a sight to see. With summer taking it's toll on the annuals and the perennial blooms long since gone, we decided to freshen the place up a bit. A few pink dianthus and purple petunias were added. The more wide than tall Myrtle got a whacking along with a lot of other out if control greens. It lost two major branches. I just pressed down and they both snapped, along with a lot of pink purple flowers on the branches that covered the window. Now even without those branches it is plenty big for its place next to the fence. Between that, the huge tomato plant, and the clematis vine, it was looking more weedy than a cozy garden retreat. Now, all I need is a saw to trim it down properly. Unfortunately our family members don't live down the street from us anymore. Where are they when we need them?!

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