Wednesday, August 13, 2014

St. Pete Beach and Crabby Bills

Crabby Bill's is becoming a tradition. Every time we come to visit my parents in St. Petersburg we end up at the beach and Crabby Bill's. First we drive to Pass a grille beach, a place we spent a lot of time growing up and searching for shells and what not. Then we come back to have lunch. I always get a crab cake sandwich, then we take the little board walk to the white sand and take in the scenery. Although we didn't see the dolphins today, I'm always on the look out for them. There are some ships and platforms out in the distance collecting sand that will be used to support the beachfront from additional erosion. All the green plants help mitigate the wind and surf damage. We usually aren't here during the hottest months of the year but parental health emergencies dictated an unplanned road trip. There is something very slow and serene about this place. I'm beginning to appreciate it more and more with each visit. Then I think of hurricanes and can't decide what's worse - the inconveniences of living on Capitol Hill or a random hurricane.  (Dolphin photo courtesy of Richard Hoskins.)

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