Friday, August 1, 2014

The American Plant Air Plant Replaces the Water Plant

Air plants seem to be all the rage. You see them everywhere.  It reminds me of the time when terrariums were a necessity. We have a hanging planter from Gingko's with two glass vases in our TV room that can be used for a variety of plants, fish, cut flowers, or holiday decorations. Every once in awhile, my cosmos flowers break and I bring them in as cut flowers. They seem to root very quickly, so I'm going to try and replant one and see what happens. We used to have a Betta fish, and always supplied him with water plants. We recently went to PetSmart to find an aquatic plant to put in the glass vase. We found a variegated one and a fake one to fill in if and when needed. Today we went to American Plant to find a couple of annuals to fill in and refresh the patio garden. One petunia and a dianthus would do. While there, we checked out the very large selection of air plants. We already have two small ones, and they do require more care than you might think...a weekly bath and moving to a place with more daylight. My husband takes care of all the indoor plants, and is very particular about the containers and what goes I them. When he saw the tall and unusual looking air plant, I had a feeling he would prefer that to the fake plastic water plant. Now it sits proudly in the glass vase that is hanging on the wall next to a window. I will, however, keep the fake plastic plant just in case. You never know if there might be another Betta fish in our future. 

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