Monday, August 4, 2014

The Capitol Hill House in Art

It is an interesting neighborhood we live in. The last couple blog entries have been about the diverse and whimsical house and garden ornaments that abound, and about how quickly the real estate sells around here regardless of the type, shape, or location of the place. We had a connection to one house in particular. But it was sold last month the day it went on the market when the owners decided to move to Virginia a few hours away. While our grandson was in residence there these last eleven years, we became quite familiar with it. So much so that I preserved it by digitally painting and using the images in two of my children's books. Because it had some unique features, it was a great subject. The little koi pond in the front yard, hidden behind the rain garden right in front of the steps and under the kitchen window was another whimsical setting. The owners would drink coffee on the steps early in the morning and listen to the quiet of the gurgling pond. It was a great place to sit no watch the world go by. In the backyard was a private garden... really more of a rustic patio with large pots on the brick fence that housed a variety of foliage and plants. Many a party was held back there in every season. Now there are new owners who will make this place their own. When we walk by it, it doesn't feel the same. A lot of memories were made in that home, with many more to come - for someone else. 

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