Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Clouds and Signs of Florida - and Big Dandy Don Garlits

Big Dandy Don Garlits doesn't mean anything to me. But growing up in Florida it was a name you always heard. We passed by the drag racing museum on our return road trip heading back to DC. Along the way, the clouds and signs are very unique to the sunshine state, and all too familiar. The baby alligators are still advertised along with pecans, and citrus, and taxidermy. I never really noticed both the cattle and horse farms. It's not unusual to see truckloads of watermelon. And of course it rains with the sun out.   We left my parents this morning. They both encountered medical emergencies at the same time so we started this unexpected road trip a week ago. Now we are moving on to the next phase and are hopeful things will go well. I'm very glad I have siblings, friends, well wishers and digital devices around. Florida looks better and better every time we visit. Maybe my dad had it right when we moved there 55 years ago. 

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