Monday, August 11, 2014

The Don Cesar

The big pink building is familiar to me. After several days of scurrying back and forth to the hospital to check on both my parents who landed there last week, we decided to take a break. We started our road trip from DC to St. Pete last Friday and haven't slept comfortably since it began. I don't do well with ambiguity and emergencies.  But when things settle down I begin to feel much better and an appetite returns. After visiting both parents at the hospital this morning, we drove to St. Pete Beach for lunch. We didn't have a particular place in mind until we came upon this unmistakable building. My mom worked at Don Cesar as a federal employee when it was used as an office building many years ago. Can you imagine an office view of the Gulf of Mexico? Nothing like my no view in the Madison Building at the Library of Congress. We passed by it a million times on our way to the beach growing up here. My husband stayed at the hotel, and I at home, thirty plus years ago when we came to visit my parents. It was an excellent choice for today. The food and surroundings were really pleasant. It was the break we needed just about now. I don't see a lot of pink buildings in DC. These two cities couldn't be more different - including the palm trees. 

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