Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The FDR Memorial

I read a lot of biographies growing up. I like history and prefer real accounts of real people to fiction. Living in DC affords a lot of opportunities to visit places where a lot of historical events occurred. Heaven knows who walked through our block or even stopped by to call on someone in our building. Lately we have been taking a lot of walks in the evening. The summer heat of the day changes the weekend afternoon schedule. We found ourselves at the FDR Memorial. We have been there before and it is one of my favorites. Maybe because it is tucked behind the typical bustling streets near the mall, or it was built near the Tidal Basin. In the evening it is very serene with the lamp lights flickering, less pedestrian traffic, and a lot of water features. Each "room" presents a moment in time from FDR's terms as president. And of course Eleanor and Fala have a presence. The shiny spots on the hands and ears show where people touched the figures to somehow connect. It's a great spot to meander around and to view the notable monuments well known to the Capitol city. Usually we walk to most if these places. But this was a car ride worth taking. 

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