Friday, August 22, 2014

The Forever Flower(s)

When we first moved here, we needed a little something that would make the kitchen and room feel "homey" in this small space. So we went to Gingko's Garden in the neighborhood and found a pretty apricot indoor flower that looked a little unusual and fit the bill. Over the years it has been pruned and cut and several stems have been lost. But this plant keeps coming back each spring to show its stuff through the fall. It must be the location on the kitchen table where the sun hits it most of the day. My husband loves plants and flowers, but only a few at a time. He prefers to tend to each and every one of them separately with tender loving care. Right outside the patio door is an outdoor container that has chives. It has never bloomed until this year. It must have watched the indoor plant and got the idea to show off this summer. A lot of our annual and perennial plants didn't do well this year. But for whatever reason, the chives is in full bloom too. Our garden is a lot smaller than the several pots and window boxes we had in Milwaukee. Sometimes fewer is better than many. It's also a lot less work for me!

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