Sunday, August 17, 2014

Walkways and Decorative Paths Around the Capitol

For whatever reason the streets were all blocked off all around the Capitol Building last night. It stopped the tour buses that typically travel through the area. It didn't stop pedestrian traffic, so we took our usual walk. Depending on the time of day, the Capitol and the surrounding grounds of the Supreme Court and The Library of Congress take on a different vibe. As the sun was setting in the distance, the lights started to flicker on. All the textures in the walkways and paths came to life or maybe just became more obvious. There wasn't a lot of foot traffic. It almost felt like we were the only people in town. It's like a people switch gets turned on and off. You would never know this was a busy place during the day. But on the weekend - especially on a weekend in August - it's mysteriously silent. But it gives us the opportunity to really enjoy the neighborhood, and the lights, and the walkways. It's even better when you are with your favorite companion. 

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