Monday, September 8, 2014

Emergency Parking for a Wedding?

It's not unusual to see signs posted on trees along the sidewalk regarding parking restrictions. The white signs with the red print only mean one thing - less places available to park your car in an already congested neighborhood. Usually the signs are for people with U Hauls and moving vans that are taking their households apart or putting them back together. Most recently, our own family members posted a couple in front of their house for this purpose. You always know what the required need is for because it not only states the exact dates, but the exact times, and the reason to inconvenience anyone who is on the look out for a parking place. Once in awhile, the city needs a spot for a truck to do maintenance work, or for room to plant a tree. But in front of St. Peter's Church recently, there were several signs posted the length of the entire block. The purpose of the signs this time was for an obviously huge wedding party. Unfortunately we did not see the actual event, or the number of vehicles that required it. We don't always use our car everyday, so it could happen that we may not notice a sign like this go up until it is too late. It almost happened one time, so we are extra alert to note the when, the where, and the whys and avoid the area at all costs. Just another reason to miss our garage and driveway. I'm just glad we don't live next to the church. 

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