Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gold Day Power Down

It hasn't happened hardly at all this summer. But since this week is one of the hottest this season a gold day was called yesterday afternoon at work due to the hear. The idea is to reduce the need for power by shutting down some elevators, and the lighting in the corridors. It is very noticeable when just about every other overhead light in the corridor is out making the long hallways even longer and somewhat spooky! One of the biggest bonuses is that the annoying, grinding noise of the escalator that is heard all day long in my office is also shut off. Talk about noise pollution. My only question is is if it can be done for this reason why can't it be done all the time? It certainly reduces expenses. My offices in Milwaukee were definitely nicer and brighter and more peaceful. We rarely had to deal with excessive heat outside - which was one of the main reasons we moved. I just wish they could do something about that escalator. No one uses it anyway. What are elevators for?

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