Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Morning Walk

They were really deserted... The streets of DC on Labor Day. Since I now work part time and am off every Monday, I have been getting up early and walking with my husband on his daily roundabout. I usually get a kick out of walking past my work place and watching all the slugs ambling toward their Monday morning destinations. But today was different because everyone else was off too. Once we reached the Capitol grounds, the magnetometers were dismantled on the sidewalks. The Labor Day concert was moved to the Kennedy Center last evening because of severe weather. But all the equipment was erected last week - including all the porta potties - and needed to be removed. Ambling towards the mall, the pigeons were suspiciously hanging around the stoney path rather than the green grassy sections. On closer inspection the feathered friends were taking advantage of the pool of water left over by the torrential rains. It felt like 100% humidity - and the birds knew it too. The hazy and cloudy skies opened up to a bright sunny day, cutting the walk a little shorter than usual. Texting is illegal while driving, but didn't seem to apply to someone riding a bike in front of the Capitol. We kept our distance. We took our usual respite on the stone bench by the Library of Congress across from the Supreme Court. Even the flowers were wilting. I'm glad to be back home in our air conditioning. Summer is over?

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