Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nips Chocolate Parfait

The box seemed really heavy for the contents. Every once in a while I will order bulk candy for my husband who has a huge sweet tooth. Usually it is a couple big jugs of the Bali's Best coffee variety. But just that won't do, so the supply is accentuated with Nips Chocolate Parfait. The candies are stored on the kitchen countertop, in his pockets, in the car, and on any trip we take. Whenever I find a lost candy wrapper on the floor I know exactly where it came from and can easily find the culprit. This big container that arrived the other day was filled with Nips to the brim - in several individual boxes. The boxes were then safely scooped up and stored on the top shelf in the kitchen cabinet, completely out of sight. Now I know how a squirrel feels. But this big one is so much more lovable. 

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