Saturday, September 6, 2014

Nips, Filters, and Tea

Usually when you get packages in the mail it is somewhat exciting. This week we got five different packages from four different vendors. And none of them are worth writing home about.  The first package to arrive contained several cartons of Nips chocolate parfait candy. These are for my husband's sweet tooth, to accompany the jugs of Balis Best coffee candy. The next three were all filters...filters for the Britta water pitcher, filters for the Cuisinart Keurig one cup coffee and tea maker, filters for the Braun coffee pot. What's with all the filters? And finally today came the last parcel - decaf tea for the Keurig one cup tea maker. It is impossible to find decaf tea anywhere around here. Neither one of us wants caffeinated tea in the evening, and my husband is a big tea drinker - in the evening. Otherwise he's a big coffee caffeinated drinker in the morning. I can hardly tell the difference in coffee types, but he is an expert. While it was a treat to get and open the packages, the contents were a big disappointment - for me. That's just not how it is supposed to be!

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