Saturday, May 7, 2016

Gettysburg Battlefield

There are three main elements to visiting Gettysburg - the Eisenhower farm, the museum and cyclorama, and the battlefield. We have driven through the battlefield a few times, but never on a cloudy, cold, rainy afternoon. Our friends were visiting from Milwaukee, and this was an opportunity to take a one and a half hour ride to Pennsylvania. We saw the movie Gettysburg all those years ago. My favorite character was Joshua Chamberlain of Little Round Top fame. And of course, I liked Richard Jordan who played Lewis Armistead. I don't remember the details of this battle, except it was in July, hot as heck, and many people perished. My interest in the civil war was the social aspects, how people lived, and medical care at the time. So after visiting the Eisenhower farm, we got in the car and followed the map, stopping only for a couple photo shoots, recognizing the names of places, and walking up to Little Round Top. The view is spectacular and sad at the same time. We ran in to horse back tourists, and waved to them as we passed by. The scenery remains pretty much as it was then, but a lot less busy with tourists at this time of year. It's a solemn feel whenever I've been there. Perhaps a good reminder. 

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