Saturday, May 14, 2016

Honeywell Digital Thermostat

We had a programmable thermostat in our Midwest home. We also had two separate air conditioning units for two parts of the house. But when you live in an 1890's condo building with an old time heating and cooling system, the thermostats looked ancient. This is the kind of building that the heat and air conditioning get turned on and off at specified times of the year - whether you like it or not. Since the air conditioning was turned on about three weeks ago, we haven't used it once. Thank goodness we have a space heater. Luckily, the building now checks every unit's HVAC system in fall and spring to make sure the filters are changed, check the equipment, vacuum out the dust, and keep things in check. And some of the access points to the HVAC system are in peculiar places and difficult to access. It was sorely needed as a lot of people don't know anything about home maintenance. So when the option came to upgrade to a digital thermostat, we jumped on it. Of course it would be at the homeowner's expense, but it was something that would be consistently installed as the spring cleaning was occurring. So let's hope the thing works! Unfortunately I still won't get any heat if I want it. But if nothing else, it looks better? And maybe it will actually regulate the temperature so we don't have to keep adjusting it. 

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