Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Joshua Kendall, First Dads, and a walk to the Capitol Visitor Center

It has been a solid month of rain and I am so sick of it. Rather than walk in it this morning, we decided to start out early for a program we planned to see at the Library of Congress. Rather than walk outside, we walked in the underground tunnel to the Capitol Visitor Center to look around a bit, have an early lunch, then head back to the library for the talk by Joshua Kendall on First Dads. Along the way we ran in to my past colleagues on the way over to the Capitol, and a couple more who also attended the lecture. We took advantage of the long corridors a couple times more on the sixth floor before we went in to the meeting room. It feels so much better to be in the building since I retired in February. This was one of the best presentations we have heard since attending these programs over the last ten years. It almost made me want to buy a book! But it was the type of information that I have always found interesting - more about the social aspects and real lives of famous people. I'm not sure when or what the next program will be, but it is a great way to get in some exercise, have a bite, and maybe even learn something - all in a very remarkable setting. 

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