Saturday, May 21, 2016

Married Again!

Last week my husband realized the diamond fell out of his wedding band. What was most surprising about it all is that he not only noticed it, but actually found the diamond in the house right in front of the refrigerator. I was ready to have the stone of an old earring replace the diamond in his ring. So we found a jeweler in Alexandria to repair it. In the meantime, his finger looked very strange without his wedding band, and I couldn't let him walk around like that! So I found some old Christmas ribbon that shined multicolored, and cut a piece to the right size. He good heartedly wore it the last week - and it even looked quite interesting if you didn't gaze at it too hard. So today we picked up the real thing, and it is all shiny and new. They did a nice job building it up to keep the stone in place. It's so shiny you can see your reflection. We don't have a lot of jewelry in our household. Regardless, this is one piece of jewelry that must be repaired! It means a lot more than just a ring in his finger. 

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