Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Measupro Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff

High blood pressure runs in my family. I have been taking prescription medicine for it for over thirty years. It took forever to get on a regimen that had the least amount of side effects. Anytime I start a prescription, I always get the side effects - it doesn't matter what it is. I have used a typical arm blood pressure cuff from Walgreens for as long as I can remember. It's still working after all these years! But someone told us about this little wrist blood pressure cuff that was used to track hypotension events. It was much easier to wear this and check the reading right away when one feels lightheaded. I do have orthostatic hypotension anyway, and when I started taking statins I almost fell on my face from dizziness. So now I started to track my blood pressure more regularly to see if there are fluctuations. This little gadget from Measupro works quite well. It even has a little carry case, an option for another person to use it, and stores up to sixty readings. When I take the reading I add the data to the health app on the iPhone so I can show the doctor on my next visit. I'm sure the iPhone has an app that integrates all this. All I know is that my blood pressure readings have been unusually low lately... Ever since I retired (!) But the readings are always a lot higher when I go see the doctor. I'm sure it is somewhere in between. So if you need to track your vital signs with any regularity, this is a good way to do it! 

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