Friday, May 20, 2016

Roadtrip - Virginia looks like Wisconsin - and nothing like DC

Aside from the weather, the back roads of Virginia look a lot like Wisconsin. For whatever reason, the gps system veered us off the beaten path while we headed south west toward the Blue Ridge mountains. We traveled through Fredericksburg, the Wilderness, and Chancellorsville. You couldn't help but notice the cannon strewn around the battlefields. Just before Charlottesville, we were winding and criss crossing by so many horse farms and ranches. The vibe changes dramatically from our urban environment to farm equipment, silos, and tractors. And of course, there is the local airport with small engine aircraft scattered about and a barbed wire fence around the perimeter. For the first time the sun was out after about three weeks of rain and clouds and it felt wierd. When we reached our destination, we saw the Blue Angels practicing above us near the James River, preparing for the weekend show. The train was rolling by and the whistle was quite loud. I'm not sure I could stand that sort of noise - although the ambulance and police car sirens are no better. We are trying to figure out what sort of landscape we prefer. So far we keep coming back to our tiny place on Capitol Hill. For now, it suits us the best. 

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