Thursday, May 26, 2016

Senate Hearing on Iran Sanctions at the Dirksen Building

We took our friends from Milwaukee to a senate hearing a few weeks ago when they were here in DC visiting. Before and since then we always look for various programs to attend during the week to get out and about, and may be even learn something to boot. Generally we go to the Library of Congress for programs and topics that we find interesting. Lately there have been a few about Madison, and the last one was about the presidents and the relationship they had with their children which was really good. So yesterday we decided to head to the Senate Dirksen building to observe the hearing about the Iran sanctions. All I can say is that it looks a lot more impressive on tv than in real life.  It was well attended, but the people who were supposed to be listening and asking questions kept leaving, particularly when they were finished with their turn. So the same questions were asked by several people because they weren't around to hear either. Some people showed up just to make a point and storm out of the room. As an observer there were a lot of flaws in this process. Makes me wonder if this is all for show. Oh - I forgot where I live! 

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