Sunday, June 26, 2016

Avoid the Sun at All Costs!

Usually our daily walk consists of a promenade down to the national mall, to the Smithsonian castle gardens, back up and around the Capitol building, past the Supreme Court and back home. But when the temperatures get hot and humid - even in the earlier hours of the morning - we need to change our route. So rather than head west towards the concrete with little cover, we stay in the neighborhood and find paths with shade. This plan can lead us to many different streets around Union Station and H street to the North, the Navy Yards to the south, and Frager's hardware and beyond to the east. Armed with my very wide brimmed hat and sunglasses, and my husband with his baseball hat, the views are actually quite enjoyable. The gardens are quite lovely. But like in any neighborhood, some folks take a lot better care of their yards than others. But our focus is to zero in on the shady paths and avoid the bright and sunny walks at all costs. In the end we come home drenched in sweat. But isn't that why we do it anyway? I'm not so sure. 

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