Sunday, June 12, 2016

Eastern Market Construction Art

There is a huge construction project going on at Eastern Market. It's been going on for quite some time and there is certainly a lot more to go. It will eventually become an apartment complex with a Trader Joe's. I've heard the penthouse will rent for $10,000 a month. My hair stylist is happy about it all because it means more business to this already packed area. To make the construction site as appealing as possible, covered walkways have been built around the perimeter so pedestrians have a safer place to walk. But it's what is inside the walkways that is so colorful and interesting. There is something about art created by children. And based on how it is organized and displayed makes it even more whimsical and fun to see. As we were returning home from our morning walk we passed through the eastern market weekend vendors area. The artwork could not be missed and for whatever reason looked so remarkable this time. Maybe it was just the colors, or I simply was paying more attention to the detail. I can just imagine the teachers making the request of the students to come up with something. They really delivered. 

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