Wednesday, June 29, 2016

From Cole Haan Heels to DSW Memory Foam

How things have changed! Since I retired in February my style of clothes and shoes has really changed. I haven't yet gone through my wardrobe to dump half of the things I will probably never wear again. Yes, I still wore stockings and heels to work, although for the last few months I was wearing primarily flats. I can't imagine ever wearing heels again, especially since I think I may have plantar fasciitis on the right foot. Something just felt like it ripped one day when I was getting up off the floor. Isn't it fun getting old? Anyway, wearing size 11 shoes doesn't help the matter much either. It was always - what do you have in my size? - rather than please show me this! Since we have been walking every morning and my walking shoes are over ten years old and have water leaks, I decided it was time for a run to DSW to see what we could find for my new life. It started out pretty depressing as there was nothing in my size. But as we headed toward the athletic shoes, things changed a bit and I was finally able to find three pair of comfortable, memory foam, form2u - whatever you want to call the - shoes. I never thought memory foam would be so important until now. Walking on anything without a padded foundation is out of the question. I still have an urge to visit Cole Haan again for a step up comfortable, less old lady flat for more formal occasions. I really need to dump all the old stuff too. I just need to find some time. Since I retired, it seems there is even less than before! But now I am really looking forward to our morning walks in my stylish retired old lady shoes. 

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