Saturday, June 4, 2016

Open Arms Medical Clinic in Hawthorne Florida

We left without taking one prescription medication on a short road trip. We stopped at a pharmacy and they said they either needed the bottle or a written prescription. Of course, the Med list on express scripts with an ID wouldn't do. So we had to find a walk in clinic. Along the route on highway 301 we stumbled upon Open Arms Medical Clinic. Even though it was in tiny Hawthorne Florida, we still needed to fill in six pages of history, provide insurance information, and wait for it all to be processed. But we wanted to take care of this issue so as not to have to think about it any more. It turns out my husband ended up liking the very kind and wonderful physician more than he likes his regular doctor. He said he was examined better than ever, and got a tour of the little place which included a laser, small surgery suite, and enough supplies to get the basics covered. We got the prescription he needed and had it filled at the CVS down the street. It reminds me of the show Doc Martin- a small town physician handling all the community medical care somewhere in England. Since we travel through this way regularly we could make this his primary care stop! It is an experience we won't soon forget - but those six pills ended up costing us about ten dollars each. 

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