Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pixels and Fine Art America

I have been a member of Fine Art America for a few years. I post my favorite photographs and digital artwork on this website. For folks who cannot print their custom pet portraits, I can upload the image for them, send them the link, and they can create the product they are most interested in to display their portrait. The fun thing about digital art is that not only traditional pieces can be created - like a matt and framed image or canvas - but also tote bags, and t shirts. A while ago, Fine Art America changed over to Pixels. This week, a few new products - a beach blanket and towels - were introduced as other options to have images printed on. Since the towels and blankets are not available on Fine Art America, I checked the Pixels website to update my products. It all looks the same, it just includes the whole range of newly introduced products. I suppose I will need to update my links to this website on all the sources like my blog and email. It's a lot of work to keep all this stuff upd to date! But it is well worth it to have all these great options! 

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