Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Polish Festival at St. Stanislaus in Fall River

It's been ages since we attended the Polish festival in Fall River. The last time we were there was for my parents fiftieth wedding celebration. We all joined our family in Boston and made the trip south to visit known and familiar landmarks of days gone by. That's where my parents were born, met, and got married. What I remember about the festival is the food, but also losing my balance and sticking my foot, with shoes and socks, in water after a little boat ride, and having a very soggy and squishy situation on one side only. At a later time, someone threw a dart right in to someone's head! Luckily it didn't stick! My cousin still has connections there, and I found these photos on Facebook advertising the event this coming weekend. I sent the food photo to my mother. She remembers the festival well and has wonderful memories from them all. We are pretty sure the venue has changed, but the event remains the same. There are hundreds of these community activities going on all over the place, but this one brings back a really good feeling. 

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