Monday, June 6, 2016

Tropical Storm Colin and Florida Feathered Friends

Whenever we visit Florida we take a ride to Pasadena pond to see what our feathered friends are up to. The birds look very different here than in Washington - except maybe for the ducks at the reflecting pond. Usually when we come to Florida the weather is reasonably good. But not this time. Tropical storm Colin is making a mess for a lot of us - including our bird friends. They looked pretty sad with the rain soaking them up, but the ducks didn't seem to mind it. We decided to at least get out for breakfast and we managed to avoid the torrential downpours that come and go in bursts. The streets look like rivers and the cars look like boats sailing through the huge puddles. When we lived in Milwaukee the snow storms kept us indoors. In DC we've had snowstorms, earthquakes, and rain storms. But in Florida it's the tropical rain and hurricanes that make life miserable. They are all equally bad if one gets affected by weather events. Unfortunately I am one of those, but the birds didn't seem to care for it either. 

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