Monday, June 13, 2016

Unsalted Pistachios

Both my husband and I like postachios. I think everyone likes postachios. And now there are all kinds of flavored varieties to pick from. We usually had the usual roasted and salted type in our house - and they always had to be the kind you have to peel. I suppose you could say that makes them all the more tasty because you need to work at it first. Then my husband found some even more tasty versions - salt and pepper and sweet chili - among others. We could sit there and polish off a whole bag if one of us didn't have a bit of self control! But after getting blood work back about a month ago, we decided we needed to tweek MY treats somewhat. Mind you, it's always me that has to do the tweeking. So rather than do without them completely, we get the roasted UNSALTED postachios for me, while my husband continues to eat whatever he wants. And my weekly popcorn has been totally discontinued. Sometimes I wonder if any of this matters anyway? Since it is difficult for me to tolerate a lot of the statin medications, I need to cut back in other ways. I know it could be a lot worse. But have you ever tried a flavored and salted pistachio? 

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