Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Urban Gardens

Some are more elegant than others, which is the case for most things. The flower gardens are abundant, but it was the vegetable gardens that I was on the look out for today while on our morning walk. We had a very large space for a garden in the Midwest. Here in DC, we have a tiny patio garden that we always plant a couple cucumber vines and a tomato plant. But that vegetable garden is in an enclosed space with a wooden fence around it. The vegetable gardens we saw today are located on the corner of busy streets, in front of the rowhouses, on the side of townhouses, and all along the busy sidewalks and foot traffic where anyone could easily grab the fresh produce, or manhandle the garden in any possible way. Some are enclosed in chain link fences to keep out critters and whatever else that might want to come by. Some are impressive structures and well manicured. Others are hastily put together and pretty much on their own. I liked the "corn field" on the corner of a place near union station. In the end, everyone is after a slice of the less urban landscape rather than the concrete jungle. There is nothing better than fresh stuff out of the garden. All it takes is a little bit of interest and finding a place to put it. 

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