Friday, July 15, 2016

A Burger King Stop in Honor of my Dad

I have been a McDonald's fan since it opened all those years ago. We still go there for breakfast when we are on the road, and now that they have breakfast anytime it's even better. Later on in his life my dad preferred Burger King - especially the whopper. Over the last couple of years our neighbor would stop at Burger King once in awhile and bring a whopper home for him to change up the meals on wheels routine. When he died last year, I always thought it would be appropriate to have a tribute whopper meal for my dad. And so we did. Last week when we were traveling to Wisconsin to visit our friends and colleagues, we were stuck on the turnpike heading west. It was around supper time, we were in Indiana, and the next service plaza was coming up. And wouldn't you know it was a Burger King. So we stopped in and ordered not only a whopper, but an angry whopper too. Then we toasted to my dad and chowed it all down. I know he would have liked it. I think in the end we still prefer McDonald's, but this was just a good idea. 

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