Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Trip To Dulles Airport

The only time we go to Dulles International Airport in Virginia is when we are traveling abroad. And the only way we get there is by super shuttle bus or cab. It's about thirty miles away, and on a good day takes a good forty-five minutes. And since most flights leave in the evening for Europe, we end up stuck in some sort of rush hour traffic making it all the more longer. For all other national flights we use Ronald Reagan airport that is just over the bridge from our house. It just so happened that our friends were taking an overseas flight last Saturday, and were thinking of taking the bus from L'enfant Plaza here in DC to Dulles. Since we had no plans for the day, we offered them a ride so as to avoid the hassle of lugging around a lot of baggage. It was a relatively quick trip and along the way gave us an opportunity to catch up with one of the parties who lives in Florida. Eventually there will be a metro that will extend all the way to the airport, but that won't be for quite some time. On our way back home there were signs of construction all along the Dulles Access road. Luckily we didn't have to pay any tolls while on this road, but we do have a transponder in the event that we ever have to. I can't help but think the metro will have a big impact on a lot of things - especially super shuttle and cabs. But since we travel so infrequently, I much prefer them to the metro. I didn't grow up in the city and just don't care for mass transit. And, by the way, I still love our Subaru. I'd prefer that any day. 

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